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MITs mission is to provide a sustainable support base for Miami's creative community including: painters, photographers, filmmakers, sculptors, animators, writers, musicians, performance, and new media artists.

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Arts & Entertainment District Miami March 18 2015

"In a bustling city like Miami, it seems like everything is a competition; worst driving habits, best biceps, most even tan, highest Instagram followers…it’s a jungle out there and we’re the guinea pigs. But not for long. What if we told you that in the world of art, your opinion could make or break a creative outcome? It can. And it’ll happen in just a few days."

"That’s right, A+E is proud to present Miami’s Independent Thinkers as they host their “A Blank Canvas” contest series at Canvas this Saturday! So here’s the play by play: four of Miami’s best artists will have 90 minutes to create a masterpiece right before your eyes. Then, the crowd decides who will be crowned the reigning champion of this cutthroat competition! Pretty great, huh?

"But that’s not all. The event will be four full hours of tunes curated by Klangbox with a live stream set by DJ Patrick Walsh for an auditory pairing to the improvised artistry. Peroni will be there with refreshing complimentary brews along with crisp Lemon City Tea, Rhythm & Vine will provide the harder drinks, munch on Hippops handcrafted frozen goodies and ooey-gooey queso creations by the always delectable, Ms. Cheezious. Don’t forget to RSVP!"

Here’s an artist run-down:
Claudio Picasso AKA CP1
He can do anything from near-photographic human features, to trees dripping with fresh paint. His chops grace the walls of Tongue & Cheek and Wynwood Brewing Company. He has a print-like tendency for pop culture icons that is sure to win over quite a few hearts.
Diana “DidiRok” Contreras
You’ve seen her feminine murals around town (note: The Brisky Gallery front doors), heavily brush-stroked women posing with large eyes and confident airs. She breathes what she knows: powerful female imagery emphasizing the feminine mystique that evades a male-driven industry.
Jenny Perez
Now we enter the world of pop, contours, and drooping eyelashes. Her style is both familiar and entirely fresh with nearly monochromatic and geometric designs of characters smoking cigarettes or pouting their lips. Think: Miró + Basquiat’s lines + Dexter’s Laboratory.
Nathan Delinous AKA Nate Dee
Perhaps the most ethereal of the artists on the roster, he can surprise you with anything from bird-masked debutantes to socio-political imagery. With a watercolor-like brushstroke, his art is always colorful and never overcooked.


AUTHOR : Arts & Entertainment District Miami Blog